How to Start Your Online Passive Income

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You need a referral link from a member with an active investment plan in order to register. 

A mere sign up without an active plan doesn't include a referral link.

So, to start your passive income online investment, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the register button below. A new window opens, redirecting you to the sign up page. Do      not forget to come back to this page after.

2. Fill up the registration form. 

3. Check your email to verify your registration.

4. You can now sign in to your account.

Open a BTC Wallet Supported by Your Country

When I was first introduced to FX Trading, I signed up since it was free, but as I was taking a tour in my personal account, I could not understand how to make a purchase or a withdrawal. They won't ask for your bank account, paypal, or the like. What I saw there was wallet wherein you would enter a wallet address. At the back of my mind, I thought, "what the h*ck is a wallet address?"

Anyway, I was able to figure it out with the help of the one who referred me to this investment platform.

If this is your first time hearing about a BTC wallet, it is a digital bitcoin wallet where you store your bitcoins. You can convert your bitcoins to $ or whatever currency (depending on your country). Every BTC wallet has a corresponding address. You will use this wallet address to make a purchase or withdraw your money online. 

It is safe and secure, btw. In my experience, your btc wallet account will send you an OTP whenever you make a money transfer.

Here's how to open a BTC wallet:

1. Look for whatever BTC wallet that is supported by your country.

    I am from the Philippines and I use

    You can check out to see what other countries it supports.

    Here are the top BTC wallets of 2019.

2. Register a BTC wallet account. It's usually free. With, it was a free registration.

3. Verify your account either email or mobile. 

    With, email verification is faster.

4. Upgrade Limits and Verifications.

    There is usually an app version of the wallet. In this step, it is easier if you use the app.

    Here's how to do it in

a. Log in to your account.

b. Click on Limits and Verifications.

In the Limits and Verifications page...

You need to upgrade your level to at least level 2.


With level 1, you can only load your wallet up to 2000php per day, and you cannot cash out (withdraw).

With level 2, you can load your wallet up to 50,000php per day, and you can withdraw up to that amount per day.

Level 1 only needs email verification.

Level 2 requires phone, identity, and selfie verification.

It is easier if you use your mobile device for this one. You simply have to follow the instructions.

c. Verification will be under review for 1-3 days. Per experience, if you have submitted            clear images of your identification, you'll get approved in 1 day.

5. Once you are verified up to Level 2, load your wallet

    For, click on cash in.

You will find a lot of bank, OTC, or bayad center transfer options.

Below is a 7-eleven sample. You can try to enter an amount and it would automatically show the      fee as well. The cheapest fee is 40php (Gcash, Palawan). 


 Just click on next step. You will be provided with a reference # and a bar code which you will     need when you make the payment. With 7-eleven, you have 8 hours to pay for this cash in order.

now that you have set up your FX Trading Account and btc wallet, it's time to invest!

Purchase an Investment Plan

Follow the steps below to purchase an investment plan:

1. In your FX Trading account, go to PLANS

    You have a lot of options. The minimum is $100. Mine below is currently disabled since that is the              active plan that I already bought. 

2. Click on the investment plan you want. Once done, it will reflect in your invoice and will be pending          for approval. 

3. Open your BTC wallet. Click send.

4.  Make sure you set the payment to BTC. For, it is set to PHP by default.

5. Now go back to your FX Trading account. Go to FINANCIAL and then INVOICES.

    Mine is already activated since I already paid for it, otherwise, status would be PENDING.

    The plan below is a $100-plan. There is a $10 fee, hence the total $110.

    It basically means I bought bitcoins that is worth $100. FX Trading will use the bitcoins in crypto and          forex trading.

6. Go back to your BTC wallet and enter the bitcoin amount and wallet address (green font).

    With, there is a little fee (btc) once you make the payment.

7. Click continue and then follow the next steps. And you are done!

8. Go to your FX Trading account.

    It may take a little while (minutes, per experience) before your plan is activated.

    Once activated, you will see it in your dashboard. You'll have your own referral link as well.


Register now and start earning!

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