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Passive Income Investment Works

Earn 1-2.5% Daily from Your Investment Plan

Investment Plan to Choose from:





...and so on.

An investment plan is equivalent to buying bitcoins. FX Trading Corp. uses bitcoins in arbitrage trading in the stock market.

Timothy Sykes explains that "in the stock market, arbitrage specifically refers to buying stocks or derivatives in one market and selling them simultaneously in another for a profit."



E.g. $100 is equivalent to certain bitcoin value. You will see this as soon as you order an investment plan. 

Whatever Plan you choose, you will earn 1-2.5% daily from that.

Let's say you invested in a $100 Plan...

1% of $100 = $1 

2.5% of %100 = $2.5

Hence, your daily passive income ranges from $1 to 2.5$

The higher the investment, the bigger the profit.

Profits are reflected in $ value (not BTC).

Investment Runs for 200 Days

Your investment will run for 200 days, which means you will be earning your passive income gains  for 200 days only.

You earn daily from Monday to Friday, except on weekends.

You can monitor your earnings in your online account.

Investment Plan Increases by 400%

AT MAX, At the end of 200 days as mentioned above, your investment plan gains profits up to 400%.

This means...

$100 Plan = $400

$300 Plan = $1200

$500 Plan = $2000

$1000 Plan = $4000

...and so on.


The minimum payout is $50.

You don't have to wait for 200 days before you can withdraw.

As soon as you reach the minimum payout, you can withdraw your profits.

How long to wait before you reach the minimum payout?

For my first day, I got a profit share of 1.21%. Remember that the share % ranges from 1-2.5%. Let's use 1.21% to calculate.

$100 Plan:

$100 x 0.0121 = $1.21

You earn a minimum of $1.21 daily. You'll need around 50 days to reach $50. In a month, you'll only earn for at least 20 days since weekends are not included.

$1.21 x 20 = $24.2 (1st Month)

$24.2 x 2 = 48.4 (2nd Month)

$24.2 x 3 = 72.6 (3rd Month)

In less than 3 months, you can make your first withdrawal.

$300 Plan:

$300 x 0.0121 = $3.63

$3.63 x 20 = $72.6

In less than a month (around 14 days), you will be able to make your first withdrawal.

The same calculation applies for the higher investment plans.

Note that this earning does not include referral bonuses.

You earn even without referrals or selling any sort of product. 


You can upgrade your investment plan anytime.

In your account, go to your PLAN page and select the upgrade your want.

If you are going to use your current profits in your FX Trading Corp. account, you need to withdraw the money first and purchase the upgrade through your BTC-supported digital wallet.

Earning More Profits on Top of Your Passive Income

Referrals ya'll.

This is NOT A MUST.

If you want to boost your profits, then you can refer people using your referral link.

You can only have a referral link once you have an active investment plan.

A Sign Up doesn't automatically make a referral, a purchased active investment plan does.

Your downline is comprised of members with active investment plans.

You earn in different ways with referrals:

6% from whatever plan they buy:

(e.g. $100 x 6% = $6)

Binary Bonus:

You have 1 downline on your left leg, and 1 downline on your right.

You get a 10% share from the Plan purchased.

(e.g. $100 x 10% = $10)

Residual Bonus:

You earn 2% from your referral earning.

But you need to reach a certain level (e.g. Star 1) in order to qualify for this one.

Click here for details.


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