3 More Ways to Earn with FX Trading Corporation

Direct Referral Bonus

This refers to your direct invite.

You shared your link. Someone clicked on it, directed to the registration page under your referral, and registered.

When the person verified the registration through email, he will be listed under your nominnes. In your FX Trading account, go to NETWORK and then NOMINEES.

When that person decides to purchase an active plan, that's when you get the referral bonus.

The referral bonus is 6% of the investment plan purchased.

$100 x 0.06 = $6

$300 x 0.06 = $18

$500 x 0.06 = $30

$1000 x 0.06 = $60

...and so on

In your dashboard, go to FINANCIAL and then HISTORY.

The referral bonus will be reflected in your financial history.

Under you, you'll build your LEFT leg and your RIGHT leg. Once your referral buys an active plan, he goes either to your right or left leg depending on your choice. This is when you get your Binary bonus.

Binary Bonus

To qualify for this, you need to have active referrals under your left leg AND right leg.

You will not receive a binary bonus for your first invite.

There are instances wherein your upline would put another invite under your left or right leg. In this case, you will not get a direct referral bonus, but you can get binary and spill bonuses. Read on.

Green - $100 Plan

Yellow Orange/Gold - $500 Plan

In the image above, my first invite is the green one. However, my upline, to my surprise referred an investor under my main left leg, the yellow orange/gold one.

What does it mean?

1) I don't get a binary bonus from that first invite under my left.

2) I don't get a referral bonus for that first invite since it wasn't my direct referral.

3) I get a $6 referral bonus for my green direct invite.

4) Since my left leg is empty, I don't get a binary bonus.

POINT System

There is a point system and it uses the lowest point as basis of the bonus. You pair that lowest point to the same point on the other side. For example, if the lowest point on your right is 10 pts., you can only pair that to 10 pts. on your left. 

$100 Plan = 10 points = $10

$300 Plan = 30 points = $30

$500 Plan = 50 points = $50

$1000 Plan = 100 points = $100

As you pair your right and left referrals, you get a 10% binary bonus. And it uses the point system above. 

For example:

LEFT ->  $100 Plan   

 RIGHT - $100 Plan

10 pts.


Binary Bonus

10 pts.

0 pts.

0 pts.

The Lowest point is 10 pts on your LEFT.

You pair that to 10 pts. to the opposite leg which also happens to be 10 pts.

You both have 10 pts. on either side, hence, you get a binary bonus of $10.

Once you get the bonus for that pair, it goes back to zero.

In other words, 10 - 10 = 0.

There are instances that referrals on both sides have different plans.

Another example:


First Invite

First Invite

$300 Plan

(30 pts.)

$100 Plan

(10 pts.)

10 pair with 10 = $10

L -20 pts. (bal)  R - 0 pts.

In the sample above, the lowest point is 10 pts on your RIGHT.


Despite having 30 pts on your LEFT, you can only pair it with your RIGHT's 10 pts.

A pairing of 10 pts. get you the $10 binary bonus.

Now, your left turns back to 0 pt and your right's remaining balance is 20 pts. You simple minus the 10 pts that was paired to the left.

Once another investor is referred and placed under the box to your left, you'll have new points to pair with your balance on your right.

Basically, that's how the binary bonus works.

You will also earn points from your upline and downline's efforts credited to your binary points.

Spill Out Bonus

You referrer invited a new investor and he placed it under you, either left or right leg, you get points credited to your binary points.

This also applies to your direct referrals and all of their invites, pretty much ALL of your downlines.

The same point system applies as discussed in the binary bonus.

If your upline referred a new investor under you, either left or right leg, with a $100 investment plan, you get a spill bonus of 10 points. 

That means you get 10 points of binary bonus which is not from your direct referral or effort

The same principle applies for your downline's invites or referrals.


Residual Bonus

Residual bonus means you get 2% share from your direct referral and their invites' daily profits. This will also reflect on your financial history on a daily basis.

In other words, you get a daily 2% share of all of your downline's profits. 

To qualify for a residual bonus, you need to reach a certain level, which is based on another point system called carrier points.

Carrier Points

Carrier points are counted every time you make a pair in your binary tree. 

Every time you get a binary bonus, you get carrier points.

Binary Pair of 10 pts. = 100 carrier pts.

Binary Pair of 30 pts. = 300 carrier pts.

Binary Pair of 50 pts. = 500 carrier pts.

Binary Pair of 100 pts. = 1000 carrier pts.

...and so on.

You need a minimum of 1000 points in order to reach the first level, which is STAR 1, and then you can start earning the residual bonus (daily).

1 LEVEL  - Your direct referral

2 LEVEL - Your direct referral's invites

3 LEVEL - Your Level 2's invites

4 LEVEL - Your Level 3' invites

5 LEVEL - Your Level 4's

..and so on.

You get a daily 2% share residual income as follows...

STAR 1 - from your direct referral.

STAR 2 - from your 1 and 2 LEVELS (direct referral + their invites)

STAR 3 - from LEVEL 1, 2, and 3

STAR 4 - from LEVEL 1, 2, 3, and 4 

STAR 5 - from LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

... and so on.


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